Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Last Post

Hi everyone

I am taking a long leave from blogging as life has just become too busy.  This blog started out as a way for me to take stock of how I was going with living a more sustainable life and paying down our debt and also as a way of keeping my family up-to-date with what I was doing day to day as some live so far away.

However, one of the lovely bonuses of creating this blog was meeting a community of like minded people, some who have become regular readers and also friends.  Thank you all for taking the time to pop in and read about the goings on at Monarch Place.

I few weeks ago I posted that this year I was taking on starting up a business from home as well as working full time and that is what is taking my time at the moment which leaves very little for anything else.  My family and home are my priorities with what time I have left so the blog has to least for a while.

I will be back one day when I have my home business up and running enough that it supports an income and I can leave my day job.  Then I will have more time on my hands and will be able to blog again.  Until then farewell, I still look forward to reading what you are all up to on your own blogs though so it is not goodbye to most for as you know I love to post a comment.


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  1. I'm sad to read this, but completely understand. I wish you much luck and success.

    That's quite a coincidence with the Noosa Yoghurt. The owners are from Australia and it sounds like they have spent a fair amount of time there.


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