Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Big Wet

The long awaited wet season has finally arrived and with a vengeance it seems.  After hardly any rain for 4 months we are now in the middle of a flood with creeks and rivers rising as I type and road closures all over Southern Queensland.  This has been caused by a slow moving low pressure system which is the remnants of Tropical Cyclone Oswald.

We are safe here, being sensible and staying indoors and off the roads as instructed by police and emergency services.  All unnecessary travel has been cancelled, airports closed, churches and some stores closed too.  Thankfully it's the weekend so most people can stay home and stay safe.

Above are some photos of our backyard.  The lawn is finally lovely and green and the vegetables and fruit trees have all had a really good drink but the poor ornamental grasses have really taken a bashing from the rain and gusting winds.

It's a long weekend too as most Australians celebrate Australia Day across our nation.  For me it means I have an extra day to try to get my washing dry as I don't have a clothes dryer.

Yesterday I took one of my prepare ahead baking mixes from the fridge and made these Muesli ANZAC biscuits.  It has been just the weather enjoy a nice coffee with some homemade snacks and my knitting.

Bureau of Meteorology Radar Image
Stay safe everyone in Queensland



  1. When are you coming back ?, i miss all your posts and have done a lot of your suggestions , we had a big bake up at my house the other day and we all bagged up 25 of your cookie mixes, hope your good , take care Rebecca


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