Monday, 17 September 2012

100 Days 'til Christmas

100 Days until Christmas........yes really!  Take a deep breath, exhale.  There now lets have a closer look at this fact.
If you are like me and usually make a lot of your gifts then it's time to make a plan on how to get them done in time.  I've just been away on a conference weekend and one of the things we focussed on was goal setting and this is a perfect situation to put that into place.

"Those who fail to plan
plan to fail"

So what have you planned to make for loved ones this Christmas?  Now obviously I can't put my actual list here on my blog as my family and friends read this too and that would spoil all the fun so I'm going to use a 'pretend' list here rather than the real thing.

100 Days or 14 Weeks until Christmas.

1. Make a list of people to send hand-made cards to = 20 cards / 10 weekends until 1st December which is when I post my Christmas cards out so that equals 2 cards to be made per weekend or maybe 5 cards over 4 weekends.  Write dates in a diary or on a calendar.

2.  Make a list of what gifts I need to make for family and friends.
3. Organise the list into things that will take the longest time to make through to gifts that will need to be made just a few days before giving.  

4. Estimate the time it will take to make each one and plan the start and finish dates.  Be generous with time to avoid stress and those pre-Christmas midnight catch up nights. Write those dates in a diary or on a calendar.

5. Plan the first few projects and buy the supplies you will need so you have them on hand when you need them, without having the excuse that you will need to go shopping again before you can make a start on the next project.

6. Start your first project and enjoy the fact that you have plenty of time, a plan to accomplish all that you would like to make and the joy of giving lovingly made gifts to the people in your life that mean the most.

My list might look something like this:

3 x hand knitted socks
1 x hand knitted scarf
1 x hand knitted glove and hat set
Selection of potted herbs taken from cuttings in my garden
3 x gift basket of hand made soaps
3 x crochet scrubbies for in the gift baskets
4 x Noodle boxed 'Christmas themed' cookies or sweets

I would start with taking cuttings for the potted herbs now so that they have good established growth by Christmas.  
Then the next thing would be to get started on a pair of knitted socks as these take me between 2 to 3 weeks to make each pair.
I like to make the soap about a month before Christmas to allow time for it to harden and cure, so I will write that in my diary for a weekend in late November.
The last things I will make are the cookies so they are nice and fresh.

Part of my planning process for the above would be to pick out all the knitting projects, print or download the patterns, buy the yarn and make sure I have the correct size needles and then put each project into a separate bag ready to go when needed.

Enjoy your Christmas planning


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