Thursday, 7 June 2012

How Do You Like Your Oats?

Nice warm, creamy rolled oats, or porridge, is one of my favourite breakfasts in winter.  They taste good, warm you from the inside out and are good for you too, especially for lowering cholesterol levels.

I used to buy the pre-packaged, quick cook, flavoured ones under the assumption that they were quicker and easier to make but really how long do oats take to cook?  I mean real steel cut organic oats?  The time I save from using the quick cook packs to making my own is only a few minutes and surely I can spare that to ensure that I know exactly what I'm getting in my breakfast.

I love experimenting with different flavours and adding all sorts of nourishing goodies to the mix so here are a few I love.

Firstly the basic cooking instructions for a nice pot of oats for 1 person, because my kids read my blog and this info will come in handy for them.

Basic Oats - Porridge
1/4 cup rolled oats
small pinch salt (optional)
3/4 cup water, or milk

Place in a saucepan, bring to the boil and then simmer for about 3 or 4 minutes.

Gourmet Oats - Porridge
Apple & Cinnamon
Make as for Basic Oats above but add-
1-2 tbsp Muesli (for crunch)
1/4 apple, peeled and cut into small cubes
1/4 tspn ground cinnamon
honey for drizzling to sweeten

Add all ingredients apart from the honey and cook as above. Spoon into a serving bowl and add a drizzle of honey and a little milk to serve.

Wholegrain & Apricot
As Basic Oats above plus -
1-2 tbsp Muesli
1 tbsp LSA mix (Linseed, Soy & Almond) available from supermarkets and health food stores
1 dried apricot, diced finely
Sprinkle of dark brown sugar

Add all ingredients except for the brown sugar and cook as above.  Spoon into a serving bowl and sprinkle with the brown sugar to taste and a little milk to serve.

Cranberry and Macadamia
As Basic Oats above plus-
1-2 tbsp Muesli
1 tbsp dried cranberries
1 tbsp chopped macadamias
sugar or honey to sweeten if liked

Add all ingredients and cook as above.  Spoon into a serving bowl and add sweetener and milk to serve.

The only limit to the oat flavours you can create is your imagination.  I like to add Muesli to my oats as it adds a nice crunchy texture that I like.  Try creating others flavours like Vanilla and Honey, add different types of dried fruit and nuts.  Sweeten with Agave or Maple Syrup.  I usually just have a bit of a peek in the pantry and see what I can find that might work together.

Organic oats are more expensive than the regular supermarket brand but are still so much more economical than buying the sugar laden novelty cereals and even the healthy start cereals.  A serving of plain organic oats for one person would cost less than 20 cents.  Adding some interesting flavours and you still have a good for you, great tasting, filling breakfast for less than 50 cents.  You can't beat that.

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  1. Omg yum!!! I have. Whole bag of oats I haven't used and almost all those other things too, will be making these for sure


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