Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Glass Garden Ornaments

Lately there has been a craze on the internet about making your own glass garden ornaments from things found around your home, from op shops, at recycle centres and garage sales.  I have often admired the creativity of others and decided to have a go myself.

Getting into an op shop and looking at all the glass bits and pieces I just couldn't decide on how to put one together and it took quite awhile to pick the items I needed.  Then off to the hardware shop to find a glue that would glue glass together quickly, be clear drying and water proof as this was after all going to end up in the garden rainy days and all.

Here is my masterpiece although now looking back at the creations of others I can see I have a long way to go.  It is a very simple one but it was a satisfying exercise and I have a lovely new 'flower' in my otherwise rather dull garden corner.

It was quick and easy to do and I'll definitely be keeping my eyes pealed for special pieces when I'm around the recycle centre and garage sales from now on.  I also think the white stake that it is supported on takes away from the ornament and will be keeping an eye out for metal ones in the future.

Photo Source
I particularly like these gorgeous little blue and white china ones gathered together in a lovely cluster hidden amongst the hydrangeas.

Photo Source
Coloured glass looks great too as you can see by this photo below.  The captions in the photos link directly to the original source to either buy the art as in the amber and blue one below on etsy, or to the person who originally made the artwork.
Photo Source

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