Saturday, 21 April 2012

Parade of Socks

Today's post is about socks,  knitted socks!  We've already established that I love to knit socks and that it is way more economical to actually go out and buy them, but knitting is my hobby and therefore I count the cost not in the clothing budget but in the 'entertainment' budget.  A pair of knitted socks can cost anywhere from $5 to $30 depending on the yarn you have used.  The top end being something like cashmere or alpaca socks of course!

Pattern - 'Tesserae Sock' by Anne Hanson
The entertainment goes on for a few weeks, being the time it takes me to actually produce a pair that can be worn, so I think that even at the top end of $20 to $30 a pair that is only about $8 - $10 a week for entertainment.  Quite a number of these socks have also been Birthday, Christmas or Mother's Day gifts making them even more economical and able to come from the 'Gifts' budget.

Here is a parade of socks I have knitted for myself, friends and family. I hope you enjoy watching the slideshow I put together.  It's my first time producing a slideshow that will merge with my blog layout.


This last pair of socks are knit from a yarn I hand dyed using some fresh Turmeric root.  I love their bright sunny look, enough to brighten even the dullest wintery day.

Pattern - 'Spring Socks Orla' by Andrea D 

To learn more about how to dye your own yarn with natural dyes sources from nature or your own garden you can check out this helpful website. All Natural Dyeing



  1. Oh, those turmeric dyed sock are just the bees knees, Chez! Loved the parade (and the justifying!). You have quite a number of socks under your belt - literally!

    Last week at spinning group we had a workshop on how to go about knitting socks, two at a time on circulars from the toe up. I was blown away! I can't wait to try it at home. :)

  2. I like your logic... entertainment budget, not clothing budget. :-)

    I haven't gotten to the point of gifting socks... except to Hubba. Because when I do the math for the hours I spend... it's a whole lot more than $20 a pair. ;-)

    I'm impressed by the turmeric dye job. Wow, it's so bright!!


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