Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A little More Crazy

I made this crazy patchwork 'bucket' to hold all my ribbons and braids that I have collected over the years.  Many of these lovely braids come from the market places in the Middle East while I lived there.  I couldn't just walk on by and leave such beauties behind so I stocked up...........umm quite a bit actually.

I know they are all messy but I kind of like how they are all just freely scrambling around in the 'bucket' waiting for me to dip my hand in and choose one for a new project.  Oh by the way, that's not all of them either shhhh!

Silk ribbon tulips and clay watering can button with straight stitch water spray.  Seam treatment of fly stitch and colonial knot flowers and gold rose beads.

Button seam treatment and various lazy daisy stitches.  Purple seed beads alternating with colonial stitches in orange embroidery thread.

Lace seam treatment, varying size blanket stitch in light blue with seed bead enhancement.  Sparkling spider, legs done in running stitch, the body is make up of two crystal beads.

Silk ribbon 'spider web' roses.  Silk ribbon leaves done in straight stitch, seed and bugle bead used as sprays of flowers and some lazy daisy stitches for smaller daisies in white and gold.

Different thread types couched down to give movement across the workpiece.  Ruched braid with pearl drop beads.

More couched threads.  A lace flower decal slip stitched in place.  Flat lace crossed with silk ribbon slip stitched in place and silk ribbon forget me nots with seed bead centres.

Organza ribbon bow with heart charm and tassel made of various embroidery threads.

Have you ever tried your hand at crazy patchwork?  It is a relaxing art form that is limited only by your imagination.  With many crafts and hobbies being very expensive to maintain these days, embroidery and crazy patchwork is one that can cost very little.  Embroidery threads are only about 50c to $1 each colour, seed beads are very inexpensive, buttons can be picked up at op shops or from old clothing.  I source my fabrics from old clothing and interesting pieces from Op shops.  The more lush the fabric the better the piece.  This bucket contains, velvet, silk, satin, fine cotton and some ribbed cotton like a linen.



  1. I'd say this is way to fancy to be called a bucket.

  2. I know right, but that's what we called it in the craft group when we made them. Maybe it should be my 'braid boudior'.

  3. as you know, i love crazy patch and you have done a wonderful job ofnthis one...its beautiful

  4. Wow! What a beautiful basket! I just LOVE your crazy patchowrking. You are very clever :)

  5. Thank you ladies, I love embroidery it's one of the 'gentle arts' and so great for some time out to yourself.


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