Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Garden Ornaments from Old Furniture

There seems to be a trend coming through at the moment where people are recycling old furniture into pots and ornaments for their garden.  If you so a search on Pinterest you will find some amazing ones.  I love the way they add bright splashes of colour to the garden when there are no flowers in bloom.  Now I say that this is a trend and not a 'new trend' because my mother has been doing this ever since I can remember.  In fact I must get her to send photos of the old boat she has turned into a frog pond so I can show you, it's wonderful.
Finished Project - CD Tower now plant shelf
You know I've been off searching at the recycling centre for odd things for pots and this was no different. I found a solid wooden CD tower for $8, and although I thought this was a bit pricey considering most things are a lot cheaper there, I wanted a really solid piece as I didn't know where it would end up, either under the patio out of the sun and rain or out in the garden fully exposed.

CD Tower before
I gave the CD Tower a light sand all over and then wiped it down with a damp cloth, let it dry and then gave it 2 coats of the bright blue paint. Then I sanded it back in places to give a slight distressed look.  I chose blue because it contrasts so well with the terracotta pots I also bought at the recycle centre for only $3 and then I picked up a few succulents to go in them.  Some I bought and others were donations from friends.

Collection of small terracotta pots 
Because these pots are tiny and don't hold a lot of soil I didn't want plants that were going to be bothered if they dried out from time to time.

Succulents for potting into the terracotta pots
The entire project, including sanding, painting and drying time for the CD Tower, plus the potting of the plants, took me an afternoon to put together and I think it was an afternoon well spent.  I have decided to put it in our patio area surrounded by other potted plants and love how it adds a great big splash of colour to an otherwise dull corner.  The little ornaments nestled amongst the plants are odds and ends that I already had.



  1. love it...great job cant wait to see it for real it looks really colourful

  2. Wow, everything looks so beautiful. Good job!


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