Thursday, 19 April 2012

Decorating the Spare Room

We have a fairly large family with 2 adults and 4 children, who are now all adults themselves, and so having a spare room or guest room was never an option before now.  For years I have also dreamt of having a craft room but that too was impossible.  Over the last few months two of my children have moved away from home to go to University and so I have not one but two rooms free!

I wanted to keep the rooms available for the kids to sleep in when they come home so I have designed the 'Guest Room' around a boyish theme so that my son wouldn't have to sleep amongst all my pink, floral and lace stuff in his old room, and with the 'Craft room/office/spare room' I am letting my hair down and going wild with colour because I know my daughter will love it as much as I do when she comes to stay in her old room.

The 'Before' photo
I have been working on the guest room over the past few weeks, getting it ready for my Mum and her sister who are coming to stay for 3 weeks soon to help me celebrate my 50th birthday.

A Wasp light shade bought on holiday in Thailand
One of the things I had to put in this room was a 'wasp light' that we bought while we were on holidays in Thailand.  We saw these amazing light covers at the night markets in Chiang Mai.  They came in a small box completely flat packed and I didn't know whether I would ever be able to actually make it but in the end it was surprisingly easy.

Finished Light Shade
These are the after photos of the 'Guest Room', I've chosen a nautical theme which came about only because I found this 'Koo' bedspread on sale at Spotlight for $40.  I added a couple of $1 bunches of reeds in a cheap ceramic pot, some pictures we already had and painted an old chair white.

The 'After' photo
I've been looking around for a valance for around the bottom of the bed in either a navy or white but so far I haven't found one at a price I'm prepared to pay.  Then I saw a great idea online of covering the actual base mattress like you would if you reupholstered it so I'm going to find some fabric and try that instead.  I'm also knitting a nautical themed pillow for the centre of the bed to just finish it off.

Another 'After' Photo
The blanket box you can just see to the left of the photo is used to store all our Christmas decorations throughout the year and will make a great place for a suitcase to sit for easy access.

See the Wasp light shade hanging in the corner?  It's only being used as a decoration and not a light shade as is it's purpose but I like it.

I think next time I will get a daybed so that it can be used more during the day as a lounge or sofa and then turn into a bed for night time use.  There are some really lovely ones around and helpful websites to give you ideas on choosing furniture and budgets etc.



  1. Oh that is lovely - I just re-did our guest room/office. I also like the bed that way as well, instead of under the window. I made a bedskirt myself - it wasn't hard - just added a frill to an old sheet. Having a permanent cover sounds great too - bedskirts are a hassle to put on and off.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. I like the bed better against the wall too. It messed up the vertical blinds when it was under the window which always annoyed me because I couldn't see how to arrange lots of pillows on top and I love pillows! I like your idea of turning a sheet into a bedskirt.

  2. Looks great! We've also had 2 of our kids move out and we've changed one room into my sewing/scrapbooking room, with a single bed in it for a guest here and there. The second room we're working on this weekend and it will be our library/writing room, complete with bookshelves and a comfy couch. Enjoy your new space!

    I'll also be 50 this year. Boy, we have lots in common!

    1. I agree we seem to have lots in common, lovely to find someone across the other side of the world that is so similar. We nearly moved to Canada a few years ago, who knows we might have been neighbours.

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  4. Your room is great. LOVE the lamp shade. I wish I'd seen one when I was in Thailand. I would have bought it too :)


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