Monday, 26 March 2012

Sugar Plum Fairy

I started to knit myself this purple sweater last year but as the weather warmed up for the Summer months I had to put it away.  Now that the weather has started to cool slightly during the evenings I think it might be time to start knitting on it again.

I enjoy knitting nearly all year round but during the warm months I tend to knit smaller items like socks and dishcloths so they don't lay all over my lap as it is just too hot and uncomfortable.

Hopefully I will get this finished soon as the plan is to be wearing it this Winter.  The pattern is The Incredible Custom Fit Raglan by Pamela Costello and it is a free pattern that allows you to create a sweater, cardigan, vest or other garment just by taking basic measurements and adjusting as you go.  

It really is an amazing pattern, or rather amazing method, and I've seen it used to create knitted garments for babies, men, women and all sized kids.  You can adjust it to be a sweater or cardigan, have a crew, rolled or V neck, long or short sleeves, or none at all, add patterns and shaping etc.  It really is all up to your imagination. 

My sweater is knit completely in the round, for non knitters that means that I knit on circular needles and just keep going around and around until it is the length I want.  I'm not entirely decided upon the neckline yet but think it will be a simple round curled neck and the same for the sleeves so that it all ties together and looks nice. 

Around the hemline I'm going to incorporate a lacy knitted border, most likely choosing one from this book.  At the moment I like the one in the photo below.

The idea behind my sweater is that it is big and comfortable and I can just throw it over a pair of jeans at home but it is nice enough to wear down the street if I need to pop out for something.  It is knit out of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino a beautifully soft yarn that is, as it's name implies, a blend of Cashmere and Merino wools.  It is lovely to knit with and hopefully lovely to wear.  I was lucky enough to have been gifted a whole packet of this lovely yarn from a dear friend who is a terrible yarn snob and will only knit with the best but didn't have a need for this colour.

If you are on Ravelry I have made some pattern notes about it on my projects page here.



  1. What a beautiful colour! I really like this idea of knitting as you go, I've been reading Elizabeth Zimmerman and she talks about it quite a lot, too. This top will be a real gem in the wardrobe! :)

  2. You are so clever! Pretty colour too. I'm still struggling with basic knitting :)


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