Monday, 19 March 2012

It's Time for Sweet Peas!

In my humble opinion, Sweet Peas are just the most giving little flower.  They are relatively easy to grow, they flower abundantly given the right conditions, they have the most amazing scent and they make a great cut flower for indoors in a vase.

Where I live it is time to plant Sweet Peas and I had been planning to do that for a few weeks but needed something for them to grow on as they are a climbing plant.  Then at my last visit to the Recycle Centre I saw an iron room divider for only $3 and it was perfect for what I wanted.  All I needed to add was some string for the little Sweet Peas to climb.

It has been raining all day today and I had planned so much to do in the garden which is going to have to wait for another time but I was determined to get this one project done.  Above is a photo of the area where we had some soil for the vegetable garden dumped.  It is nearly all distributed where it needs to go so it just required some leveling out and would then make the perfect place for my Sweet Peas.

A trip to the garden centre during a showery period to purchase some seedlings and I was ready for the next break in weather.

The finished project with seedlings almost drowning in the very soggy soil but the coolness of the day will help them to get established without burning and there is no doubt they will get enough water! Lets hope the sun comes out for them tomorrow.

I only bought one punnet of seedlings but I think I might get another in a different colour scheme and plant behind the screen so they intermingle and I get a lovely flush of multicoloured flowers.  I think it will brighten up this boring old wooden fence in no time.

Now if only the rain would stop so I can get the lawn mowed and the edges done.


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  1. the sweet peas will look gorgous on that frame..and its ornamental in itself...wish we had some of that wet ground its so dry here.


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