Wednesday, 14 March 2012

In the Vegetable Garden

Planting has begun for this years vegetable crops and I am having to rethink how much I usually plant out now that there are only two left at home.  It is a good thing to have plenty of peas or beans and other vegetables that can be blanched and frozen but too many lettuce, celery or cucumber can be a different matter.  I could make cucumber pickles but not sure about anything I can do with a glut of lettuce except bless the neighbours.

Mixed punnets of vegetable and herb seedlings
While buying some seedlings at the Prep School Kitchen Garden Project I picked up some punnets that had a variety of seedlings rather than getting eight of the same plant.

Unfortunately one punnet was just named 'Stir Fry' and I'm not entirely sure what some of the plants are.  I think I planted out 2 cabbage, or cauliflower, 4 bok choy or pac choy and some other strange vegetable seedling.  See photo below and let me know what it is if you recognise it.

Unidentified stir fry vegetable
I also planted some tomato seedlings and a punnet of mixed herb seedlings which seemed to contain, purple and green basil, curly leaf parsley, something that looks like it might be fennel and 3 leeks, onions or spring onions or possibly chives.  There was also a potted Mexican coriander that I hadn't seen before and thought I would try that this year rather than the usual Asian coriander I have grown before.

Garden bed #1 with lebanese cucumbers and lettuce
The lebanese cucumbers and lettuce I planted out last weekend have really taken off with all the rain and warm weather despite my night visitor that dug up all the little lettuce seedlings and burrowed into the garden bed.  I went out the next morning to little lettuce seedlings laying haphazardly all over the place and little holes throughout the garden.  I think I may have a bandicoot.  Thankfully he has only made the one visit and since replanting the lettuce they are now doing well.  The photo below is of a Long-nosed Bandicoot, the type that we get here in Queensland.  It is a stock photo to show you what a bandicoot is, not a photo of the one in my backyard.

Long-nosed Bandicoot
I have cabbage and leeks that I raised from seed that will need to be planted out in another week or two and then there will just be room for some bush beans and the two garden beds will be full until I can harvest the lettuce.  I would ideally like another bed as I still have plenty that I would like to be planting.  At the moment there is no room for peas or snow peas or pumpkin and other vine plants that require a lot of room.  Maybe next year.


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