Friday, 23 March 2012

Homemade Ice Cream

Healthier home-made ice cream, Yum!  I have an ice cream maker so this process is super easy for me but even without an ice cream maker it is possible to make yummy healthy ice cream without all the artificial flavours, colours and preservatives in the store bought ones.

Basic ingredients for ice cream are milk, cream, eggs, sugar and flavourings and there are thousands of recipes out there via a quick internet search.

Today I am making mixed berry flavour with a packet of frozen mixed berries I have in my freezer.

Basic Ice Cream Recipe
1 cup cream
2 cups milk
3 egg yolks
1/2 cup caster sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Essence or flavourings of your choice (I used frozen mixed berries in this one)

Beat milk, egg yolks and sugar together until sugar has dissolved.  Mix in the cream until well blended.  Turn the ice cream maker on and pour in your ice cream mix.

If you are adding powdered or liquid flavourings like vanilla extract, coffee, cocoa powder - add these when you are beating the milk and egg yolks.

If you would like chunks of fruit it is best to have them pre-frozen and add during the last few minutes before removing the ice cream from the machine.  Having them frozen prevents the fruit from turning your ice cream back to liquid.  If you add them earlier they will mush up and flavour the ice cream.  I am doing half and half with the berries.

If you would like a swirl effect through the ice cream you can add that by alternating layers of ice cream and your flavouring (melted chocolate, stewed fruit etc) and then giving just a stir or two with a spoon to 'swirl' the flavour.  Again have your fruit or chocolate as cool as you can before adding.

I stewed up some of the mixed berries with a little sugar and then blended them to make a thick syrup that I added to my ice cream as well as some of the whole frozen berries.

No Machine?
You can also make your own ice cream without the use of an ice cream machine.  Using the recipe and method above but instead of pouring the mix into a machine you can pour it into a baking dish and pop it into the freezer for about 45 minutes.  Check the ice cream and if it has started to freeze around the edges quickly beat it really well and pop in the freezer again before it gets too warm.  Continue to do this every 30 or so for 3 to 4 times throughout the freezing process and then allow to freeze well.

Oh and did you know that you don't have to throw away those egg whites?  You can freeze them for later use.  They whip up just as good as if they were fresh as long as you bring them back to room temperature first.  I'm saving mine to make mini meringues for dessert another night.


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