Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Good Friends and Embroidery

I love technology.  Applications like Skype, Facetime, Voip phones, Facebook, Twitter and of course blogs, all help to keep us in touch with each other no matter how far apart you are.  This was never more apparent to me than when we lived overseas for a few years.

On Facebook I have found friends and acquaintances that I thought were lost forever as we moved around a lot in our first few years of marriage and with one thing and another lost contact.

A few weeks ago a good friend that I haven't seen for about 6 months, came to visit.  It is always lovely catching up on news of family and friends face to face over a cup of tea or coffee.

This day my lovely friend, who is also a fellow crafter, bought me a little gift of some new embroidery cottons.  We have spent many hours together in years past working side by side on craft projects and so she knew I would appreciate her token of friendship.

As you can see I already have quite a few embroidery cottons in many colours but as any quilter or embroiderer knows you can never have too many shades of the same colour.

Of the ten new threads from my friend there was only one colour that matched exactly to one I already had.  I set about that evening to wind them onto bobbins and add them to my embroidery thread box but found that I only had two bobbins left.

As a kid I remember my mum making her own from cardboard cereal boxes or whatever else she had around and so I set about to do the same.  I had some white card stock from card making and traced the bobbins I already had.  Then just cut them out with small sharp pointed scissors and make a small cut or two in one end to hold the thread ends and stop it from unravelling.

There all done and ready to go neatly into the box with the others.

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