Friday, 24 February 2012

Yes I knit socks!

I know most people will be wondering why on earth do I bother to knit socks when I can just go buy them for a few dollars but there is something very satisfying about knitting a pair of socks.

I have gifted my hand knitted socks to a few people and they always want more because they fit so well and are really comfortable.  I enjoy knitting them and I get a sense of amazement each time I 'turn a heel' as it is quite magical to watch it emerge row by row.  It's really very clever and looks far more difficult than it actually is.

Warm snuggly feet

These are 'Nine to Five Socks' by Nicole Hindes and it is a free pattern that I found on Ravelry.   If you are not a member on Ravelry the pattern can also be found at 'Allbuttonedup' a blog about knitting.

Mock cables
The pattern is a Mock Cable pattern, meaning it looks like I have tediously knit row after row of cables but really it is just a snazzy little knit 2 together stitch.  I love cables but I'm not a fan of knitting them.

Interesting patterning down the heel
Despite it being Summer here, I have still managed to get a little knitting in at night.  Socks are a good project because they do not lay all across your lap making you hotter than you already are.

Now to go and find my next project and cast on.



  1. I know your next project... socks for me =D

  2. love these socks they are really comfortable and seem to last a long time...even though they are worn a lot while i am paddling around

  3. I love your socks :)
    I've started to learn to knit but I'm a bit challenged with it! :)

  4. Love them! Groovy colours too. I'm off to look up the pattern, thanks for the link!


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