Thursday, 16 February 2012

Handy Hints for your Kitchen

I thought I would write some handy hints that I have found for around the Kitchen.  Little knacky things that are just clever or ......well.......handy!

Open stubbon Pistachio nuts - Many of them arrive in shells barely opened. Rather than attempting to bite them open or ruin your nails , next time try this.  Take one half of a shell, stick it into even the littlest opening of an unopened pistachio, and turn the shell half like a key. The pistachio will pop right open!
I got about 3/4 cup of juice from this one orange

Citrus Juice - To get more juice from a lemon, lime or orange just heat it in the microwave for 10 - 20 seconds.
To get egg shell out of eggs cracked into a bowl - Use another piece of egg shell to scoop it out.

Baking and don't have enough eggs? - You can substitute a tablespoon of vinegar for one egg in a cake recipe if the recipe has 2 or more eggs.

Hard boiled eggs - Rinse in cold water as soon as they are cooked so stop the grey ring around the yolk they get if they cool slowly.

Peeling hard boiled eggs - Tap lightly in two or three places around the egg to break the shell then roll with the palm of your hand on a cutting board or the benchtop applying gentle pressure.  The shell will nearly fall off unless they are particularly fresh eggs straight from the pen.

Invest in kitchen scissors - I keep my kitchen scissors handy and use them for so many things. Cutting open packages, cutting hard stems from vegetables, cutting chicken into pieces, cutting beans into bite size pieces, cutting baking paper to fit trays and cake pans.  The list goes on and on.

Boil water quickly - To bring a pot of water to the boil quickly add salt to water after it is boiling and then add your veggies or rice, pasta etc.

Don't throw out fresh garlic - If you never get around to using all the fresh garlic before it gets old and needs to be thrown out you can peel the cloves and store in a small jar covered with vegetable or olive oil and keep in the fridge.  Use cloves as needed.

Peel garlic easily - Smash it with the side of a large knife.  The skin will easily rub off.

Removing cakes - Always line your cake tin with baking paper.  When you tip the cake or slice out it will come out easily and you can peel the baking paper off while it is warm.  It should come off easily leaving you with a perfect cake or slice.

Remove labels from jars - Soak in warm water or run through the dish washer with a regular load.  If the label is stubborn and still won't come off easily use a cloth dipped in Eucalyptus Oil.  It will dissolve the glue.

Seal an open bag - in the pantry or freezer with a clothes peg or an elastic band

Honey - Spray the measuring cup or spoon with oil before measuring out honey or other syrups.  It will run right off.

Pumpkin Seeds - Don't throw away your pumpkin seeds when you are cooking with pumpkin.  Wash them well, spread on a greased tray and sprinkle with salt.  Bake them in the oven for about 15 minutes.  They are a yummy snack.

Disinfect dishcloths - Microwave for 2 minutes.

There is about a tablespoon of chopped parsley in each of these cubes.
Leftover fresh herbs - Freeze leftover chopped herbs in icecube trays and throw in your casseroles as needed later.

Fridge Odours - Wipe your fridge out with water to which a little vanilla essence has been added to eliminate food odours.

White board in the Kitchen? - You can use your fridge door as a whiteboard for messages.  Just remember to check on a small unseen area first.  I had one fridge that this didn't work too well on, or maybe it was the whiteboard marker but it left a slight greyish mark. 

This is a list just off the top of my head but I would love to hear other tips you do in your kitchen.


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  1. yes love my kithen handy..the vinegar in place of an egg for cakes works have used it many times. have used greased proof paper to line cake tins with. i can remember mum using brown paper which was greased welll with butter or marg.


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