Monday, 16 January 2012

Preparing to return to work - Organizing Birthdays

I am a crafter and I love making cards for close friends and family for their birthdays and other special events.
Handmade Cards
Over the years some loved ones  have come to expect a handmade card, and as time has grown shorter with increased work hours, I don't always get time to make them.  I don't want to just 'throw something together' because the whole idea is to make something special just from me to them.  It's an act of love and of giving, me giving of myself and my time to create something beautiful for someone special in my life.  I disappoint myself, and some recipients have been known to admit that they also are disappointed, if I am unable to give a handmade card.
Handmade Cards
This year I am planning on being more organized and one of the areas that need attention is card making because it is important to me and I love doing it.  I already have copious amounts of card making supplies from years of card making and scrapbooking and so there is nothing more to it than putting aside a day to get busy!  I need to drag it all out of boxes first but one day I will have that craft room I have always dreamed of!

Every year we usually buy a new pretty calendar to hang in the kitchen like the one in this photo.

It is always one with one month to a page and a nice picture on the top part.  The bottom section has large squares for each day and in this square I always write all my friends and families birthdays, anniversaries etc so I don't forget.  I usually transfer this from last years calendar which we update as we go along with new friends or new additions to the family.

This year however I don't have my usual calendar and I have put events into my computer calendar which allows me to set a reminder which pops up when a birthday has arrived.  You can set a reminder a few days or a week before the birthday too so you have plenty of time to shop for or make a special gift or card.

I had a look through my calendar to see what birthdays and other special events are coming up between now and the next school holidays when I get my next big break from work.  So far there are 7 cards I would like to make plus there's Easter at the end of that if I get time to make extras.  Of course it is always good to have a couple of 'Thank You' cards on hand as well.  The financial bonus of the afternoon's efforts is that I have saved between $30 and $40 by using what I had on-hand and not buying the cards or craft supplies.

Handmade Cards
These are the cards I made yesterday, but for those friends who are reading this, you know who you are, I'm not telling which card is for whom.  I had a fun day creating them, it's relaxing and as I'm making the cards my thoughts are filled with the people I make them for. 

Happy Organizing!


  1. Lovely cards! I make my own cards too. I've challenged myself to use my craft stash to make 5 birthday and 5 Christmas cards a month(instead of buying new stuff all the time!)as a way of getting organized. Thinking about it now though, I need to probably make 5 birthday cards a week!I think hand-made cards are more special too.

  2. Thanks for the compliments on the cards. I might take a leaf out of your book and challenge myself to a couple of Christmas card making days so it doesn't become such a big job at the end of the year.


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