Sunday, 22 January 2012

Organic Pest Spray

I have a very large pest in my vegetable garden........our dog!  He is a 5 month old Labrador Retriever and true to Labrador temperate he loves his food.  One morning (after New Years Eve) he didn't get his breakfast at the usual time so helped himself to the vegetable garden instead.
Birds Eye Chili Bush

At the moment there is not much in the veggie garden as it is a difficult growing time for vegetables where we live, with garden pests, fungus and extreme hot weather,  but he tried the capsicums and tomatoes that were there anyway.   Obviously the carrot tops and the chili bush were not appetizing as he didn't touch those.  He has also been known to have a nibble or two on some of my potted plants so noticing that the Chili bush remained intact, I thought I would make up the Chili and Garlic organic pest control spray that I usually make for controlling bugs in the garden and see if that would stop him from chewing my pot plants and vegetables.

Birds Eye Chilies and Garlic
Recipe and Method
Take about 12 to 15 small hot chilies or 2 large ones and 3 or 4 cloves of garlic.  Place in a blender with 2 - 3 cups of water and blend until really well combined and there are only small pieces of the chilies and garlic left.
Strain this mixture through some muslin cloth or an old stocking to remove any pieces that might block your spray bottle nozzle.

The blended and strained chili and garlic water
Now stir in 1 tablespoon of dish washing detergent to help it stick to the leaves of the plants more effectively.  Pour this mixture into a spray bottle, you may have an old one from a cleaning product that you can recycle.  Remember to label your bottle so you, and everyone else, know what is in it.

Remember:  When you are handling chilies be careful not to touch your face or eyes as the chili on your fingers will burn.  Even after washing my hands with soap and water I can still feel the heat on my finger if I put it in my mouth.
Organic Pest Control Spray
I have sprayed my potted plants and the few vegetables in the garden so lets see how it goes repelling my rather large garden pest.



  1. thanks for the receuipe for this garlic spray..garrick always uses this and when i was house sitting for them i sprayed this receipe on the veges..the cabbage moths etc..were there fluttering around everywhere but not one would settle on the a treat

  2. It works well on bugs but I've found not so well on my biggest bug, the dog. He still likes to chew the pot plants, but not as much so I'll keep spraying it on as a deterrent.


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